Barley Gold

Barley Gold is 100% Organic Raw Barley – A Golden Super Food!


A New Awakening In Your Lifestyle
Price: $57.95

A New Awakening In Your Lifestyle
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Why should I take Barley Gold?

Barley Gold is organic Raw Barley Super food Living Barley that helps the body Heal + Detoxify! It is 93-95% digestible allowing the body to absorb more amino acids + nutrients to assist our body in healing and getting rid of toxins.

Barley Gold is a nutritional barley Super Food as an excellent source of fiber + Selenium as well as Zinc, Copper + Manganese which form a very potent antioxidant called SOD -superoxide dismutase.

 Our Barley Gold is 100% Organic sprouted Barley! Check out this chart which details the benefits of taking our Barley Gold vs Regular Barley.

A Gold Super Food, abundant in nutrients, allowing your body to absorb more
amino acids nutrients to assist in healing + detoxifying.

What is Ancient Barley?

Barley Gold Super Food is a Raw, Living food, making our Barley unlike any other Barley in the world. What makes our Barley better than any other Barley on the market is our Barley undergoes our “Nutrient Stabilization Process” that locks-in the nutrients of the sprouted seed, and our “GEM” process that makes it 93-95% digestible – It is these 2 mechanical processes Combined that enables our bodies to absorb the many “locked-in” nutrients, whereas other nutrient deficient barley products enable an average of just 3-5% digestibility.

Our Raw Barley Gold Super Food has been shown to help with:

    • Blood Sugar control and better insulin response,
    • Healthy blood pressure and improving total and LDL (bad) cholesterol,
    • Helping a person feel satisfied + satiated and with Weight Loss,
    • Building immune system function,
    • Decreasing cancer risk when eaten as a part of a healthy diet,
    • Any many more overall health and wellbeing benefits providing the essential Super Nutritional building blocks!

Our Barley Gold SUPER FOOD an ideal food for helping the body heal + renew itself for optimal function recommended by Nutritionists as part of a fasting, cleansing regime because it has a natural balance of nutrients allowing for healthy function of organ and tissue systems as the body repairs and heals itself.

Barley Gold is a 100% Organic, raw barley that is rich in beta-glucan soluble fiber that helps to slow down the body’s absorption of sugar and cholesterol from going into the blood stream.

This beta-glucan soluble fiber helps lower the body’s need for insulin, which is an important part of maintaining and regaining Health!

Check out these great health benefits:


Sprouted Barley – Beyond a Superfood!

For Improved Health and Peak Performance

Barley Gold is a nutritional protein food supplement – a foundation for any diet to help you reach peak performance with all your body systems and functions.

With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC!

What makes Barley Gold better than any other protein supplement?
Barley Gold seeds are carefully selected and start in enhanced and balanced soils. Only viable live seeds remain and sprout, becoming enzymatically and nutritionally active. When stabilized, the seed’s nutrient and enzyme content is protected for up to 3 years.

The Benefits of Sprouted Seeds

  • More enzymes for better digestion – as much as six times more
  • Produces vitamin C
  • Increases vitamin B content (especially B2, B5 and B6)
  • Increases carotene dramatically – sometimes eight-fold
  • During sprouting, complex sugars responsible for intestinal gas are broken down, and a portion of the starch in grain is transformed into sugar.
  • Sprouting inactivates Alfa toxin, potent carcinogens found in grains
  • Neutralizes enzyme inhibitors including phytic acid (a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc). These enzyme inhibitors can neutralize our own precious enzymes in the digestive tract, often causing gluten intolerance.

Since Barley Gold has the building blocks to rebuild the intestine, it is a prime product for those with intestinal issues.

All the seeds are alive and 95% usable by your body. This means quick transport and absorption of needed nutrients, enabling your body to efficiently eliminate toxins and heal.

You get high glycemic quick results with low glycemic endurance!

Beyond Holistic… Beyond Organic… to a new realm of Bionomic!

The Powerful Antioxidant: SOD – Superoxide Dismutase

Barley is rich in minerals, B-vitamins and the powerful SOD antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals to help prevent damage to cell membranes.

SOD is an enzyme that is a very powerful antioxidant that actually neutralizes free radicals and prevents damage to our cell membranes. When the cell membranes are assaulted by smoke, radiation from the sun, poisons or chemicals, the SOD Antioxidant acts to repair them.

Without enough zinc, copper and manganese, the repair process will not be effective, so the supplement of SOD acts to fight against free radicals which are found in inflamed cancerous tumors, degenerative diseases and other diseases.

The dietary fiber in Ancient Barley Gold Super Food is high in beta glucan which helps lower cholesterol by binding to bile acids that have digested fat from the liver and releasing them from the body making it excellent food to use as a colon cleanse.

Barley GOLD SUPER FOOD – Health Benefits:

Our 100% Organic Barley is a highly digestible, nutritional-packed raw food with an abundance of nutrients raising it to the category of a Super Food. Barley is naturally rich in B-vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and loaded with Copper, Manganese and Zinc that combine to form the powerful SOD antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals to help prevent damage to cell membranes. When our bodies do not receive enough copper, manganese and zinc the body’s repair process is ineffective.

This makes our Barley Gold a Golden SUPER FOOD! It’s an ideal food for helping the body heal and renew itself for optimal function. Nutritionists recommend using Barley as part of a fasting, cleansing regime because it has a natural balance of nutrients allowing for healthy function of organ and tissue systems while the body repairs and heals itself.

How to Use Barley Gold

Recommended use:

Week 1: 1/2 Teaspoon per day
Week 2: 1 Teaspoon per day
Week 3: 2 Teaspoons per day
Week 4: 1 Tablespoon per day
Week 5: Maintain at 2 Tablespoons per day

ALWAYS Listen to your Body – SLOW down if needed. Our Barley Gold Super food can be very powerful for detoxifying, but detoxifying too quickly can cause you to feel worse!

If you experience any discomfort, cut back to 1/2 Tablespoon or 2 Teaspoons per day, as this is usually a result of rapid detoxification.

Be creative! Add this powerful nutritional Super Food to your cereal, smoothie, juice, etc.
NOTE: Do not cook with Barley Gold, or add it to hot foods, as heating kills valuable enzymes in foods and reduces anti-oxidants’ effectiveness, and use only juices with low acidity.

Gradually work up to a maintenance of 2 Tablespoons per day and then maintain for 30-45 days to help your body detoxify. Maintain this for an additional 4-5 months so your body can get used to the added anti-oxidants.

After 4-5 months, some people gradually increase to 3 Tablespoons per day.

Don’t Forget To Drink Water + What Results To Expect.

Drinking water throughout the day is important for assisting your body flush the toxins out that the Barley is helping get rid of. Water is preferred to other fluids, but if you cannot tolerate water, use juices and drinks that are natural, 100% juice and/or add water to them. Water helps lessen the strain on the body as it detoxifies. Taking supplemental acidophilus daily may also be helpful (avoid highly acidic juices like Orange and Pineapple).

Components that make Barley so beneficial are that it is naturally rich in the B-complex vitamins, and minerals such as potassium and calcium. Barley is also rich in beta-glucan soluble fiber which is especially beneficial for Diabetics. Barley is also very high in the antioxidants: tocols. Barley is well-known in the Middle East as medicine for the heart.
The Edmonton Journal, October 27, 1999.

A very powerful antioxidant called SOD (superoxide dismutase) is created when copper, manganese and zinc combine. This potent antioxidant enzyme neutralizes free radicals preventing damage to the body’s cell membranes. Our body is attacked all day long by environmental poisons or chemicals, smoke, as well as from the preservatives and chemicals in foods we eat. he antioxidant SOD helps to repair our body. Without enough copper, manganese and zinc, the antioxidant will not be as effective in repairing our body.
Colbert, M.D., Don; April, 1999; Walking in Divine Health, Soloam Press.

The FDA announced that whole-grain barley helps to reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease.

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